Enneagram workshops for individual and team development

The Enneagram can be used in a private and work capacity. It is used in life coaching, leadership coaching and in relationship coaching.

The Enneagram Foundation workshop makes individuals aware of their own gifts and talents that they may not be paying full attention to as well as drawing attention to the differences of others that can lead to conflict. The purpose is to awaken empathy and understanding and build positive relationships.

The Enneagram Enrichment workshop delves deeper into the sub-conscious motivations and patterns of behaviour for each personality type We get to grips with sub-types, wings and arrows in order to develop a deeper appreciation for both ourselves and others, to take significant steps towards individual growth and transform relationships (requires completion of Enneagram Foundation workshop)

The Enneagram Team workshop uses the lens of the Enneagram in order to develop team potential by highlighting the interplay between the individual and the collective, encourage effectiveness, reduce friction and building effective team relationships through deep understanding of team dynamics