Feedback from our clients

Feedback from our clients

“We LOVED our session, really we did.  We found the insights about each other so useful, and I can already see a shift in how we treat and talk to each other. The food and venue was amazing too – really think the relaxed homely atmosphere plays a big role in getting people to be more open.”

“I think the Enneagram Foundation Workshop is a brilliant course…I have a better understanding of myself and other people around me.”

“Wonderful new learnings and I loved the manner in which the course was facilitated. The transparent manner in which you both shared your experiences is highly appreciated.”

“A good introduction to the Enneagram in a lovely setting. I particularly enjoyed the discussions between the attendees and learnt a great deal about myself and my colleagues”

“I really loved the setup of the workshop and the comfortable environment made for easy interaction. I loved learning about the Enneagram and how it came help me reach my potential”

“This must be the finest way to improve interpersonal relationships through understanding one’s own and other personality types”.

“Nikki and Geoff, you facilitate and work together well.  Thanks very much and well done.  I’d love to participate in the advanced enrichment workshop a little later.  Fascinating and empowering stuff. Your style is very practical and relatable and the balance of examples, practical content and explanations of the theory was good.  I was interested in how we all lean towards the “unhealthy” states of the various numbers – I know it’s our conditioning, and it’s often easy to identify people we know with the not so good traits of a number, but it’s reminded me that I need to see the positives and the good in some of my peers and colleagues and play on their strengths more.”