Enneagram for Teams

Enneagram for Teams Workshop

2 Full Days

What we will cover:

  • Pre-workshop Enneagram questionnaire
  • Introduction to the Enneagram
  • The centres of intelligence
  • The 9 personality types
  • Understand key motivations and characteristics
  • Defense mechanisms
  • Subconscious desires/fears
  • Engaging with other types
  • Individual strengths, areas of development, unexplored opportunities and zones of discomfort
  • Growth and development opportunities for the team

Benefits of the workshop:

  • Alignment around accomplishing a joint common goal
  • Improves team communication and quality of communication
  • Builds a positive culture and reduces “politics” and clashes
  • More equipped to deal with stress and conflict
  • Improved collaboration, empathy for others and enhanced team dynamics
  • Greater utilization of strengths and skills
  • Integrate new and existing team members
  • Aids in building complementary teams and bring out strengths in each other